Updating your Kindle book file

**The process detailed in this post will work for any Kindle book that has been updated by the author or publisher.**

My friends.

In mid-November, I sent Amazon an updated Kindle version of The Journey of Joseph Winter: A Christmas Fairy Tale. The new file cleaned up some formatting issues, as well as adding new chapter headers, and some other small enhancements.

The story hasn’t changed at all, but the look of the ebook is much more professional. And thanks to my editor, it looks fantastic. (Thanks, Pam!)

For those of you who have previously purchased the Kindle edition, you’re able to download the new and improved file for your devices.

And I highly suggest you do, because I think the improvements add to your experience.

However, Amazon requires that you to contact them to receive the updated file—they won’t automatically send it out to those who’ve purchased it.

It is a bit of a process, but I’m detailing how to do it here to make it as effortless as possible for you.

While the process may look daunting, it should only take you a few minutes and you’ll have the new file on your Kindle. It’s worth it.

OK, take a deep breath…here we go. ;)

Log in to your Amazon account from your PC or Mac, not a tablet or mobile device.

Step 1: Go to the Amazon Help page:
Step 2: Select “Device Support”
Step 3: Select “Contact Us” (under left sidebar)
Step 4: Select “Digital Content and Services”
Step 5: Select “Kindle ebooks”
Step 6: Select your Kindle type
Step 7: Select “Something Else”
Step 8: Under Short Summary, enter the following:
“Request updated Kindle file for purchased book”
Step 9: Choose Chat
Step 10: A pop-up window will appear asking, “How can we help you today?”. Type, “Could you please send me the updated Kindle file for the following book I’ve purchased? (Insert Book Title). Thank you!”

An Amazon associate will enter shortly and process your request. They will ask you to remove the book from your Kindle, and they’ll automatically send the new file directly to your device.

The process will only take a few minutes.


The Answer

Hate, anger, violence—none of these ever resolve conflict. They simply add fuel to an already raging fire.

As a man who struggled with who I am for a good part of my life, it had an effect on me—and not a positive one. It made me bitter. It made me angry. Sometimes I couldn’t contain it when I felt I was being treated differently or when I felt it wasn’t safe for me to simply be who I am. That anger would rise to the surface randomly, and seemingly without a trigger.

Many people in my life saw that anger in me. Unfortunately, many also experienced it.

Part of my personal resolve was realizing I wasn’t alone, which helped to slightly deflate my balloon of anger. I now knew others who shared the same feelings.

The biggest solace I found was finally finding someone who loved me totally and completely. The words “I love you” can dissipate anger better than anything else.

But finding peace didn’t come easily. It was a long road to personal acceptance. I realized I couldn’t allow anyone else to love me completely, unless I first loved myself. Figuring out how to do that was, perhaps, my biggest obstacle.

I realized I’m not broken. There is nothing wrong with me. There is a reason the universe made me this way. I’m perfect in my own way.

Today, I’m not angry. I’m not bitter. I still struggle with some of those things, but they are remnants, not active elements, of who I am. They are things buried deep within my person because they were with me for so long.

Much like an ex-smoker will still have passing cravings, sometimes still, that bitterness creeps back in. I don’t like it, and I do my best to control it. As time goes on and tolerance becomes more widespread, the longer I can go without feeling it.

I’m happy to say I’ve now lived for many years comfortable in my own skin. It has had positive effects on my life, many of which I may not even be able to see or realize. All of this is because I now accept myself, and I now live in a society that, for the most part, accepts me as well.

Anger, hate, and intolerance destroy people. It is the aspect most people don’t realize, unless they’ve had to deal with it themselves. When you don’t accept people, even if they are different than you are—ESPECIALLY if they are different than you are—it is incredibly damaging to them, right to their very core. It breeds bitterness and anger . . . and with those possibly even violence.

Sometimes I think of all the things I could have accomplished if I’d loved myself sooner. I also think of all the things everyone else in this world would be able to accomplish if we loved them too. What if we nourished each other, instead of trying to separate ourselves?

This world seems to have become an angry, intolerant place. As a result, it is breeding more bitter and angry people, like I used to be. Internal fires are raging. Some of them are out of control.

We need to find the love. You know love, right—that thing that’s free, that we can allow ourselves to feel for others?

That doesn’t mean you need to embrace everyone. It doesn’t mean we all have to agree.

Just don’t make it difficult for others to live decent and happy lives, even if they are different than you are. Even if they lead lives that you don’t agree with, don’t judge people for the decisions they make regarding their own lives.

Worry about yourself and the things in your own life, not me or mine. I’ve got that covered.

Love—it’s the answer.