Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary

Today I want to wish a very Happy 104th Birthday to the marvelous Beverly Cleary, writer and creator of the long-running Ramona books.

The books revolve around Ramona, the perpetual ten-year-old, and her sister Beezus. They’re timeless classics that have been around since 1955. Many in my generation grew up reading about Ramona and have very fond memories about the stories. The last book in the series, Ramona’s World, was released in 1999, when Beverly was 83 years young.

Beverly Cleary and the Ramona books were inspiration for my own book, A Moment in Magic Hour. My hope was that, in writing Magic Hour, adults could take a step back through time to their childhood with a sweet story full of simple lessons and nostalgic laden memories.

In an interview discussing the legacy of the Ramona series, and what Ramona may be like as an adult, Cleary said she believes that Ramona will be all right when she grows up. “She’ll do something creative. She liked to draw because her father liked to draw.”

What a lovely thought. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Cleary. And thank you for the continued inspiration.

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