A Moment in Magic Hour

A Moment in Magic Hour by John Anthony
A year ago today I released my first novel, The Journey of Joseph Winter. A lot of love went into that book, and I’m still incredibly proud of it. One year later, I’m hard at work on my second book, and I’d like to finally share a little about it.

A Moment in Magic Hour is the story of a boy in the late 1970s. He has just learned he’s having a third little sister—“Oh no, not another one of THOSE!”—and the family’s little house is no longer big enough for them. It’s time to leave behind the one place he’s always known as home, the neighborhood that has been his playground, and the friends he’ll never forget.

It is a story of friendship and love, of things gained and lost. But ultimately it is about growing up, and those pivotal moments in our lives that help shape us into the adults we become.

I’m excited for everyone to be able to take another journey with me back in time, to a place we’d all love to visit again.

A Moment in Magic Hour will be released in the first half of 2016.

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